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                                               AlbutranUser software 


AlbutranUser software


измерение спектра
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AlbutranUser software provides:


  • control of sample temperature, control of spectrum measurement parameters
  • measurement of spectra
  • storage of measured spectra
  • documenting, processing and analysis of measured spectra, including:

          - filtering

          - linear combinations of spectra

          - integration and differentiation of spectra

          - the Fourier transformations

          - simulation of EPR spectra on a basis of quantum spin Hamiltonians for paramagnetic systems with axial and tri-axial anisotropy

  • automated calibration of the spectrometer using a reference sample.
моделирование спектра
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The AlbutranUser software provides ability to run command scripts, which allow a user to automate his own procedures of EPR experiments. Command script language has a Pascal-like structure and provides a comprehensive set of special functions for control of spectrum measurement parameters, as well as for processing, analysis and other manipulations with EPR spectra.


For example, a command script can provide a dialog for input of sample’s information by operator, and then perform the automatic measurement of one or more EPR spectra for the sample, then process the spectra by various methods and calculate the targeted results, as well as document the results, create a summary table and so on.



To run the AlbutranUser software the computer should meet the following requirements:


  • CPU frequency at least 1 GHz, RAM 128 MB or more, 10 MB free hard disk space;
  • Avaliable COM or USB port;
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 ®.