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Albutran Research and Production Private Enterprise is the Company developing the technique and providing the Equipment and Consumables for “ATA-test”:

laboratory diagnostics of the functional activity and molecular conformation of carrier proteins, basing on the methods of spin probing and electron spin (paramagnetic) resonance (ESR / EPR) spectroscopy.


Scope of  "ATA-test":


  • early prognosis  (1-2 hours after the surgery) of septic complications in postsurgical patients;
  • diagnostics and monitoring of septic patients;
  • diagnostics of severe preeclampsia;
  • diagnostics of kidney transplant dysfunction;
  • diagnostics of malignant tumor activity;
  • monitoring of anti-cancer therapy, relapse control.

Approvals: Belarus (since 2012), Russia (since 2012), CE-Mark (since 2014).



In patients developing intoxication, there the change to serum albumin functionality is associated with inability of patient’s detoxifying system to remove increasing production of toxins. In patients with active malignancies, there is a specific change to conformation of albumin molecules associated with accumulation of cancer-specific metabolites.


OEM: “Albutran” RPPE, Minsk, Belarus


Associates and Representatives:


“Albutran USA” LLC, Katy, Texas, USA

"Albutran-M" Ltd, Moscow, Russian Federarion

“Vidisa” UAB, Kaunas, Lithuania



Albutran was founded in 2009 in city Minsk, Belarus, as the small innovative company, and performed all developments for design and manufacturing of Laboratory EPR-analyzer and consumables as the IVD-devices providing the laboratory tests of functional activity and molecular conformation of serum albumin.

As the background for this development there were results of multiple researches and observational clinical studies performed before on cancer and sepsis patients. These studies demonstrated that in such patients the molecular changes to serum albumin can be detected at early stages of the disease and correlated with the course of the patient, and the clinical utility of EPR-test should be high.


First series of laboratory EPR analyzers was manufactured in 2010 that allowed beginning evaluation of the utility of the “ATA-test” in several medical research centers and clinics.

In 2012 EPR analyzer and test consumables were approved as IVD devices in Belarus and Russian Federation. After this the clinical studies began in several medical research centers in Belarus and Russia to evaluate the clinical utility of ATA-test for different groups of patients and develop recommendations for clinical use of “ATA-test”.  


In 2014 the EPR analyzer got CE Certificate of conformity.



Equipment and consumables for "ATA-test" -  laboratory system for IVD examination of albumin functional activity:

  • Laboratory analyzer "EPR AXM-09";
  • Sets of reagents "ATA-test".




N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus, Lesnoy, Belarus

National Organ Transplant Center, Minsk, Belarus

Minsk Consulting and Diagnostic Centre, Minsk, Belarus

N. N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Kulakov Federal Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Perinatology, Moscow,  Russia

Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, USA

University of Washington, Seattle, USA