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Equipment and consumables for the molecular diagnostic of the functional activity of serum albumin

About the method "ATA-test"

Serum albumin is the main transport protein of blood. Its' main physiological function is to transport fatty acids and other hydrophobic metabolites, as well as the binding of endotoxines and their evacuation to hepatocytes. In the process of the transfer of hydrophobic metabolites the albumin molecules perform complex transport operations: first, they effectively bind metabolites, then hold firmly these metabolites during the transfer in the circulatory system, and provide the efficient transfer of the carried substrates to the target cells at the end of the transport pathway.

In the blood, there the albumin molecules always are loaded by metabolites, the composition and amount of which depend on the condition of the body and vary under pathological processes. Metabolites produced by the pathological processes can affect the transport functionality and conformation of albumin molecules.

Transport function of albumin molecules can be disturbed as the result of damage to the structure of the protein, binding of toxic molecules, and excessive binding of metabolites, that could happen at dysfunction of detoxifying organs or at developing sepsis.

Changes to the conformation of albumin molecules without significant violations of its transport function are observed in cancer patients with active malignancies.

"ATA-test" is effective for the diagnostics and monitoring of:

  • modifications to the albumin transport function under intoxications, for early detection of endogenous intoxication, development of septic complications, toxicosis of various origins
  • modifications to albumin molecules conformation upon binding active metabolites of malignancy for primary diagnosis of cancer, assess the effectiveness of anticancer therapy and recurrence control