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"EPR AXM-09"

Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer

Analyzer "EPR AXM-09" is registered as the measuring instrument in the State Register of measuring instruments of the Republic

of Belarus (under the number RB 03 14 4812 17) and by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the

Russian Federation (under the number 51884-12). According the CE Certificate of Conformity No. LS.08.02.2153 the Analyzer

"EPR AXM-09" complies with the standard EN 61010-1:2010 and meets the requirements of Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

The analyzer is a desktop model of a highly sensitive  (3,5∙109 spin/10-4T) automated EPR spectrometer that is equipped with the special software and hardware for precision analysis, modeling, and accurate simulation of EPR spectra on the basis of quantum spin Hamiltonian for paramagnetic systems with axial and tri-axial anisotropy, as well as for automation of EPR analysis procedures.

A measured sample can be placed in glass tubes with an outer diameter up to 11 mm (water solutions can be investigated in capillaries with the inner diameter up to 1 mm).

The spectrometer is equipped with built-in sample thermostat for the range from 25° C to 55° C with an accuracy of 0.5° C, and the system for automatic adjustment of the microwave bridge after a sample change.

The magnet system is the shell-type electromagnet with air gap of 14.2 mm, maximal induction of 600 mT, and 2∙10-5 homogeneity in the volume of 3 mm diameter and 20 mm length. Long-term stability of the magnetic field is provided by the Hall sensor stabilization system. Scan range of the magnetic field is from 10 μT up to 600 mT up with inaccuracy of middle field of 90 μT.

Microwave bridge is powered by 200 mW Gunn diode oscillator (100 mW in the measuring cavity). The operating frequency is 9.45 GHz ± 0.4 GHz. MW power delivered to sample is attenuated up to 40 dB. Automatic tuning of the microwave bridge is provided by stepper motors. There is the connector for attaching of the built-in MW frequency counter with a resolution of 10 kHz.

The gold-plated measuring rectangular cavity has through hole with the diameter of 11 mm for accommodation of a measured sample. With the thermostat unit assembled, the sample access is available only through the upper side of the device and by use of quartz or glass tubes with 85-120 mm length.

EPR-signal measuring system provides: 100 kHz modulation of the magnetic field with amplitude adjustable from 3 μT to 0.9 mT; 14-bit analog-to-digital signal conversion with 4096 true field points of a measured spectrum; digital filtering of EPR signal by built-in microcontroller. Spectrum scan time is adjustable from 4 up to 3000 sec; the maximal time for spectrum accumulation is 83 hours.

Control of the spectrometer parameters and measurement process is provided by built-in microcontrollers.

The delivery package includes:

  • Analyzer "EPR AXM - 09"
  • CD-ROM with the software
  • Accessories set
  • Interface RS-232C cable
  • USB-RS232 converter
  • Electronic thermometer "LT-300" or «Checktemp-1"
  • User manual

The standard set of accessories:

1 - ampoule with the reference sample ARS-nn (Mn 2 + in MgO)

2 - two ampoules with non-removable holder

3 - tip for micropipette with a rubber tube

4 - ampoule cleaning rod

The reference sample could be used for a check and automatic calibration of the spectrometer.

Additionally, the Analyzer "EPR AXM - 09" can be equipped with the built-in microwave frequency counter with a resolution of 10 kHz.