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«ЭПР AXM-09»

Laboratory electron paramagnetic resonance analyzer "EPR AXM-09"


"EPR AXM-09" is a desktop model of a highly sensitive automated analyzer of EPR spectra that was specially designed for use in clinical laboratory for investigation (in vitro diagnostics) of biological fluids. The samples are investigated in glass tubes with the inner diameter up to 1 mm.


The analyzer is equipped with the built-in sample thermostat for the temperature range from 25° C to 55° C with the accuracy of 0.5° C, and provides automatic adjustment of the microwave bridge after a sample change.

Control of the spectrometer parameters and measurement process is provided by built-in microcontrollers.

The delivery package includes:

  • Analyzer "EPR AXM-09"
  • CD-ROM with software
  • Accessories set
  • Interface RS-232C cable
  • USB-RS232 converter
  • Electronic thermometer "LT-300" or «Checktemp-1"
  • User manual



The standard set of accessories:


1 - ampoule with the reference sample ARS-nn (Mn 2 + in MgO)

2 - two ampoules with non-removable holder

3 - tip for micropipette with the silicon tube

4 - ampoule cleaning rod


The reference sample can be used for a check or automatic calibration of the analyzer.

CE Certificate of Conformity No. LS.08.02.2153